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Interdisciplinary Research Group in Organizational Communication
University of Ottawa
Department of communication
556 King Edward
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Ottawa (ON)
Luc Bonneville, Ph.D.

IRGOC Presentation

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Research Group in Organizational Communication (IRGOC).

Created in 2006, IRGOC is a group of researches who conduct studies and provide training in the field of organizational communication.  The group's objective is to increase our understanding of organizations based on communications that flow through them as well as how communications form those organizations.

Contemporary organizations are the main arena where social relations in advanced industrial societies are expressed. Indeed, individuals spend most of their time in all types of organizations, whether for work or for leisure. From one organization to another, individuals participate in the life of the organization itself at the same time as the organizations determine the individuals' behaviour within a complex human-organization dialectical framework. The actual transformations, be they political, cultural, economic or even social, have rendered the range of relations between individuals and organizations more complex as they become more and more difficult to grasp from a unilateral disciplinary approach. Many phenomena contribute to rendering those relations more and more complex: mergers (which are occurring more and more in large private enterprises); increasingly complex rational administrative and managerial principles; the expansion of organizational activities beyond state borders; all forms of computerization for an organizations’ internal operating methods; adherence to new time frames, etc. In this environment, individuals are confronted to all types of situations, problems, phenomena, influences, interactions, decisions, and events that all form an integral part of organizational life. In this context, whether their approach stems from a communication, sociological, anthropological, ethnological, psychological or management background, organizational theorists and practitioners are brought to reflect on certain key issues from an interdisciplinary angle, not to mention a multidisciplinary one, to either shed light on the general functioning mode of the organizations (macro perspective) or to understand the connotations or meanings that individuals attribute to their activities within these same organizations (micro perspective).

Organizational communication is at the junction of global questions regarding the place of both the individual within modern and contemporary organizations as well as that of the organizations within society, the so-called information or knowledge society. During its very short history on both theoretical and practical levels, the discipline of organizational communication has been able to respond to many key questions which have thus propelled it into a field of its own. Organizational communication has its specific range of questions as well as methodologies; it is also the field that can explain and understand certain complex organizational phenomena as well as the stakes involved.

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